The Certificate Program at Moore

Moore College of Art and Design is the oldest women’s art school in the United States. In the evenings, for four ten week sessions, they open their studios to everyone to take part in their certificate programs. I’ve been involved in teaching there for over twenty years helping structure the program and defining the curriculum.

From semester to semester the exact classes fluctuate depending on need and demand. Any given semester I could be teaching one or more of the following:

Digital Imaging with Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the premier image editing, color correction, and photo compositing program. As part of the Adobe Creative Suite it’s an indispensable component of any professional workflow. In this class I take students from the very basics through to the advanced functions of Photoshop including color workflow, photo retouching, digital collage, color correction, and more.


Over thirty percent of the sites on the Web today were created using the content management system. The Website you are currently look at was created with WordPress. It’s both accessible to the average User and dynamic enough to address the advanced needs of Power Users. In this class I start with the basics and work up to the advanced functions. Students leave the class knowing how to use the software and with a Website that they’ve designed.

Web I: HTML & CSS Coding

This class focuses on coding. We start with basic HTML5 tags and lead up to advanced cascading style sheet functions. If you want to be involved in professional Web design in a serious way learning to code is the place to start. Almost anyone can drive a car, but when that car breaks down only a mechanic can dive under the hood and fix what’s broken. In Web I students learn to be mechanics.

Web III: Advanced Web Design Projects

In this final segment of Moore’s Certificate Program students work on advanced projects, learn a professional agencies workflow, remake a large corporate Website, learn advanced HTML5 and CSS3 tags and functions, create infographics, SEO, and explore the Bootstrap framework. In class projects and presentations reinforce the materials and the students interact with both the instructor and each other.

Interested in Learning More About Moore?

With classes running four times a year the odds are that classes will be starting soon. Contact the Continuing Education office or check out Moore’s Website for further information.

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