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Training to Control Your Content

We discuss Website design and the internet with people who’ve had a wide range of experiences. However there’s one constant that we hear over and over again. That’s a frustration with being dependent on a Web designer to make simple updates and changes. Maybe you want to run a sale, announce a new initiative, or do something as simple as fixing a typo and your Web designer has evaporated, they’ve turned their phone off and disappeared. An opportunity is missed. A sale isn’t made. All of a sudden your Website isn’t working for you it’s working against you. There are two important reasons that’s not going to happen with HiRES Graphics.

First we’re not a Web designer – we’re your partner. We’re always going to be there for you. Our phone is never turned off. Two o’clock in the morning on Christmas eve? Yep. We’ll answer, and if for some reason we can’t, and we can count the reasons that might happen on one hand (teaching, with a client, driving – it’s a very short list), we’ll get back to you at the first opportunity.

More importantly we’ll teach you to take control of your own content. You might think that’s impossible. You might think that you’re hopeless and can’t work with a computer to do minor things much less something as complex as working with a Website. Well you’re wrong. We have over twenty years of teaching experience training people from all walks of life, from ages eight to eighty complex computer graphics programs. In all that time we’ve never found anyone who wanted to learn that we couldn’t teach. You’ll be able to add and edit copy, add photos, respond to comments, control your shopping cart, post news and more. You can be in control of what you post and when. It’s easier than you think. Let us show you how.

Supported Software

Maybe you want to move beyond your Website into other software, maybe you need to have your staff trained, maybe you’ve always wanted to use computers to express yourself artistically. HiRES Graphics can provide training so you learn a wide range of computer and computer graphic skills.

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Moore College of Art and Design

For some people a more structured environment is the solution. For more than twenty years we’ve been training at Moore College of Art and Design. We’ve been instrumental in helping create and structure their Continuing Education program – a ten week program of classes that runs four times a year in the evenings. Opportunities exist to either audit individual sessions or participate in the certificate program.

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