social marketing

Integrate the Power of Social Marketing

Everyone, or nearly everyone, is on at least one social network – Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest – every year the list grows and so does the number of people using them. The implications and power of social marketing is truly staggering. There is no faster more cost effective way of spreading information virally across the internet. Social media can potentially turn a legion of people into your marketing department. Better still this army of marketers works for you tirelessly twenty four hours a day worldwide – unpaid. Think about that for a second.

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility

The surprising thing is how often the power of social media is either unharnessed of worse still misused. The one who fail to harness the power you never hear about. Ever. However how many times do you hear about a major corporation placing their foot squarely in their collective mouth by the misuse of social marketing? Stocks fall, marketing campaigns fail, people lose their jobs all because they, either individually or collectively, don’t understand social media and social marketing.

HiRES Graphics Understands
Social Media & Social Marketing

Working together we’ll integrate social media into your internet solution creating a social marketing campaign that works for you. First we’ll evaluate your current positioning within the various social networks, then we determine which networks you should focus on and create or upgrade your presence on them. The next step is to integrate these networks into your own internet solution and put them to work for you. We’ll even coach you on the best ways to create posts that will bring the results that you’re looking for.