site tracking and reporting

Track Your Success

Beyond the internet’s phenomenal speed the single greatest advantage that the Web has over other traditional forms of advertising and marketing is the ability to see how effective your efforts are. There’s no other medium that can provide you with real quantifiable data on your efforts to reach a targeted audience. HiRES Graphics uses multiple site tracking technologies to track your growth and will provide you with reports as often as you require and at a level of detail that your are comfortable with. If you want raw data we’ll provide it. If you want that data interpreted into conclusions and insights we can can do that also.

Site Tracking – Clear Data Provides a Clear Direction

It’s a simple formula. Knowing where you’ve been and knowing where you are enables you to steer your course to where you want to be. Your Website can provide you with a road map so you can reach your goals. Is that new initiative working? How effective was that sale? Are you reaching the audience that you want? Stop guessing. HiRES Graphics will install and maintain the technology you need to know, not guess. Better still our SEO efforts can help make sure that your user base grows every month while our site tracking and reporting proves it.