Technology Needs to be Maintained

A general rule of thumb when dealing with all things technological is that unless they are properly maintained they break, and often badly. It’s also true that the faster a piece of technology the more maintenance it’ll need to keep it running at peak efficiency. A Jaguar needs more maintenance than a VW. A jet even more than a Jaguar. There’s nothing faster than a Website. With a push of a button the entire world can be updated, immediately – that’s fast. However that speed comes with a cost. Regular consistent site maintenance is the key.

Monthly Site Maintenance

WordPress and it’s underlying components need updating on a continual basis. When one part updates it can cause other parts to break. New solution need to be explored. Plugins need to be formatted. It’s like one of those old time vaudeville plate spinning acts where one performer, against all apparent odds, keeps a legion of plates spinning balanced on flexible poles. HiRES Graphics keeps your technology spinning smoothly with no investment of your time or energy.

Twenty Four Hour Monitoring

No matter how many resource you throw at your Website there will always be down time. Servers go down, they need maintenance, technology develops flaws, upgraded components are incompatible. The trick is to make sure that downtime is as minimal. HiRES Graphics will monitor your site twenty four hours a day. If your site goes down for any reason we’ll know and take action to get you back up online as quickly as possible. Besides monitoring your site we’ll keep a running backup and restore your site to a running state in case of catastrophic failure.

SEO Maintenance

In addition your sites SEO, search engine optimization, campaign needs monthly updating and tweaking to make sure that your search engine page ranking is as high as possible, your customer base keeps growing, and you not only keep up but surpass your competition.