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Solutions for your ongoing efforts.

Designing and executing a great Website that solves your User’s problems is only the first step. Ensure your ongoing success with Web services from HiRES Graphics. Learn more about what we can do for you:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

If people can’t find your site than all the effort you’ve put into it has been for nothing. That’s where a well planned campaign of search engine optimization can make all of the difference. Your SEPR, or search engine page ranking, is the cornerstone of Website success. HiRES graphics can help make sure your page ranking is as high as possible.

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Social Marketing

Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram – the list of social media sites is long and growing. You’re probably on at least one of them, so are your friends, and so are their friends, and onward the chain continues. There’s real power there. The power to get your message out to the world! We help you integrate social media into your site and harness that power.

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Site Maintainance

A great man once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”, and with all of the power that a great Website can give you have the responsibility to maintain it. HiRES Graphics will take that responsibility off your shoulders. Technology is constantly evolving. Something updates and something else breaks. It’s a never ending juggling act and you’ve got to keep on top of it to ensure your site functions smoothly.

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Site Tracking and Reporting

One of the truly greatest things about  Website, regardless of it’s a marketing site or an e-commerce site, is the ability to get a true picture of how your efforts are working. We’ll install tracking software and provide you with reports. You’ll be able to see your sites growth in accurate hard numbers. Advertising can’t do that. Direct mail can’t do that. We can do that.

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Training Services

Perhaps the one biggest frustrations we’ve heard comes from people whose Websites have been held hostage by other Web developers. Every time that they wanted to make a change, no matter how minor, they had to contact the designer, hope that they returned the call, and then pray that they could make time for them. Our solution is to train you and your staff to be able to control your own content. We’ve got over twenty years experience teaching technology to people from all walks of life and at all levels of computer experience. We’ll train you to take control of your own content.

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Public Speaking

If your group or organization wants to learn more about the internet, Websites, or the latest trends in design and technology contact us. We’ll come to you and present information that your members will find useful, up-to-date, and easy to understand.

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