Tell the World!

Your products, your services, your organization, your cause – the world needs to know! 

You need a Marketing Website as good as you are. You need a better solution. Don’t let all of the hard work and dedication it’s taken to build your business go unseen. The customers are out there, opportunity is around the next corner, and you need to be ready. We’ll work with you to build an effective Internet presence that drives customers to you, creates leads, and closes deals.

A Marketing Website is the Solution

Twenty four hours a day a marketing Website is working for you to sell your products. It enables you to react immediately as opportunities present themselves and react as your market changes. Working together we’ll build a community around your company or organization. A marketing Website is the best value for your dollar reaching far more people than other forms of marketing like direct mail or even advertising ever can.

Features Customized to Solve Your Needs

Whatever your needs, whatever your market, we have a  customized solution that solves your unique problems. Forums, video, audio, slideshows, polls – anything you’ve ever seen on the Web is possible. Together we’ll create customized solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Control Your Content

One of the complaints that we hear most often from people who’ve tried other solutions is that they’ve found themselves at the mercy of some Website designer to add or change their sites content. They’re on the beach with their phone off while you’re watching opportunities slip through your fingers. HiRES Graphics solves that problem by using over twenty years of teaching experience to train you and your team to control your own content. We’ll make it easy for you to add content, both text and images, and fix problems with existing content. Never again spend a week on the phone trying to get hold of a guy fix a simple typo.

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Track Your Success

Is it working? You’ll know in real time. Unlike a lot of other forms of marketing a Website will give you daily feedback to track your success. You’ll get real numbers to track your site’s growth but at the end of the day your growth and the ability to keep your Users informed will be the bottom line.

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Once your site is up people have to be able to find it. Search engine optimization is a complex and somewhat arcane discipline. Worse still it’s a constantly moving target as the search engines change how they create search engine page rankings. HiRES Graphics will apply our experience to get you the best page ranking possible.

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Constant Vigilance!

You need to focus on your business not your Website. HiRES Graphics maintains your site keeping the technology up-to-date and running smoothly. When WordPress or any of the plugins installed on your site update we install the updates and fix any problems that might arise. We monitor your site twenty four, seven and if it goes down for any reason we’ll know and take steps to fix the problems and get you back online. You’ve got better things to do!

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Need More? eCommerce is the Solution

Maybe you need to take your site one step further. You’ve got products to sell or you need to raise funds for your cause. Then HiRES Graphics can create a custom ecommerce solution to solve your problems.

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