Custom Responsive Websites

You Need to be Responsive

A Site that doesn’t adapt will not succeed

The single biggest criteria that influences the success or failure of a Website is solving the User’s needs and Users today are using the Web in ways that they weren’t less than a decade ago. Tablets and smart phones of different sizes each using different screens and resolutions have become the norm. The numbers don’t lie. Computer sales have leveled off while at the same time the sales of tablets and smart phones have skyrocketed. Having a site that looks good on a computer monitor is all well and good. Having a site that responsively adapts to your User’s chosen device is essential.

Bootstrap – the Solution for Custom Responsive Websites

What happens if, after examining all of your needs all of your requirements, we determine a WordPress based site isn’t the solution for you? Well over thirty percent of the Websites out there today are WordPress based include major companies so it’s unlikely. However it’s possible. So HiRES Graphics can provide another solution – Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is a mobile first CSS/Javascript framework developed by two of the people behind Twitter and supported by MIT. It was created to enable rapid development of responsive Websites. NASA’s Website is based on the Bootstrap framework. At HiRES Graphics our knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript can leverage the power of Bootstrap and make it work for you.

Together We’ll Find the best Solutions for Your Internet Problems

No matter if it’s WordPress or Bootstrap HiRES Graphics is ready to become your partner and find responsive Website solutions customised to meet and exceed your needs.

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