You Need to Stand Out from the Crowd

You are unique – show the world!

You need a consistent visual identity and HiRES Graphics can work with you to show the world what makes your business, your products, your causes different from a world of competitors. Everything involving your marketing efforts should set you apart and above everyone else.

A Website is Not a Marketing Campaign

Our focus is creating custom internet solutions for your company. However we’ll be the first to tell you that a Website alone isn’t enough. You need to have a coordinated well thought out marketing effort. If you already have one in place we’ll make sure that the Web solutions we create for you work hand in hand with your current efforts. If you need expand your efforts or even if you’re starting from scratch we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Branding and Logos

Your branding is your public face. It should be simple, striking, and memorable. For decades we’ve been creating branding for companies small and large. When we design a logo we encapsulate the essence of your company or product and deliver it in formats that can be used for print of the Web and scaled to any size required. This will enable you to move forward with the assurance that whatever situation arise in the future, from needing matchbooks to tradeshow banners, you’ll be ready and we’ll create a branding document that will provide precise guidelines for how your branding should be used.

Graphic Design

HiRES Graphics is older than the Web and while we’ve grown and adapted as the industry has changed our experience enables us to understand complex printing issues and we’ve got the design chops to solve any problem that you can come up with. Over the years we’ve handled anything you can think of. You’d be hard pressed to come up with a graphic design problem that we don’t have experience solving.


Our background as a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts gives us a rare skill – we can actually draw! You’d be surprised at how many people who bill themselves as “designers” or even “artists” have no ability to use this essential skill. If the best solution to problems involves illustration, no matter if it’s anything from simple diagrams to technical illustration to full blown paintings, we can provide a solution.

Print Materials

Need to get something printed and don’t know how to go about getting it done? Talk to us and we’ll find the correct solution to fit your print budget.

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