Creating Internet Solutions

Partnerships Creating Internet Solutions

Since the late 1980s HiRES Graphics has existed in one form or another as the studio of Philadelphia area artist, designer, and educator Bob Hires. Over the years the mission has changed adapting to a changing environment, improved technology, and opportunities that presented themselves. One thing has remained the same our commitment to providing quality internet solutions for our partners.

The Mission Today

These days HiRES Graphics is actively looking to create partnerships with companies, organizations, and individuals and through collaboration find internet solutions that solve real world problems.

Together We Solve Your Problems

People tell us they need a Web site. No they don’t. Neither do you. What you need is a Web based solution to a real problem. It might be to sell a service or product. It might be to tell people about your company or cause. We become your partner collaborating to create internet solutions for your problems. HiRES Graphics sits down and talks to you about what your needs really are and then uses state of the art technology to find a solution custom made for you.

Immediate Solutions – Long Term Relationships

We hear stories from people who had Website designers work on their sites only to disappear, usually at the worst possible moment. At HiRES Graphics we want to solve your immediate problems but more importantly we want to establish a long term relationship one that grows over time. We’ll support your ongoing Web needs providing site monitoring and maintenance, giving you reports on site traffic, providing SEO for the site, and training for yourself and your staff so you can update and change your content when you need to.

Start Creating Your Future Today

Contact HiRES Graphics today. We’ll talk to you and determine the best way to move forward quickly to create internet solutions to your unique problems. The collaboration starts with you. We’re here to help.

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