Working Method - HiRES Graphics

Unique Solutions for Unique Problems

The products you sell, the services you provide, your audience, your clients, these things are all one of a kind. You have unique needs and goals needing solutions tailored specifically to you. However the process we use to meet those goals can be broken down into a number of standardized steps. Together we’ll create the right answers to your unique problems.

We Define Your Problems

The first step is to understand your problems and to do that we need to understand you – understand your business, your goals, and your expectations. We need to understand what makes you tick. What makes you unique. Why who’re better than your competition. Where your advantage lies and why a customer should choose you over your competition.

And your competition? We need to understand them as well.

We Identify Your Audience

After we know who you are we need to have a clear picture of your audience – your clients. As much as your Website is about you it’s even more about your Users. Without an absolutely clear picture of your Users any solutions will fall short of their mark. What do they want? What do they need? Why are they coming to your site? Why aren’t they coming to your site? How can we best provide the answers to their needs? Understanding your Users is the real key to successfully solving your problems.

We Craft Your Solution

With clearly defined goals and insights into your Users HiRES Graphics can then begin to craft a custom solution that not only meets your goals but exceeds them. You might need a marketing site, you might need an e-commerce site, you might need branding, or a custom responsive Website – you’re unique and so are the solutions to your problems.

We Maintain Your Advantage

For a lot of companies creating a Website would be the end. They’d create a site for their client and then they move on. But you’re not our client, you’re our partner and we don’t just create Websites, we create internet solutions. HiRES Graphics takes the long view – while others are finished we’re just getting started. We maintain your site, integrate social marketing, optimize it for SEO, train you and your staff to be able to control your own content, and track your success reporting back to you on a regular schedule.

That’s how we do it. And that’s why we’re different from our competition.