Bob Hires

The two constant interests in my life, art and technology, didn’t come together until after I’d graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. It was the 1980s, the wild west of computer graphics, and I was in on the ground floor of both a new industry and a new way of thinking. Art and technology were merging in ways no one could have predicted. I was a creative director and game designer working on the Amiga platform. After a couple of years I left to start my own freelance graphics business in the Philadelphia area. Desktop publishing, 3D graphics, animation, Web design – I was involved in every aspect of the computer graphics revolution you can imagine. I began adjunct teaching at Moore College of Art & Design helping shape their continuing education curriculum. I also did corporate training and public speaking. I became the president of MacBUS, the Macintosh Business Users Society, the largest, most active users group in the Delaware Valley.

As the 1990s drew to a close I had the opportunity to help found an ephilanthropy company, GivingCapital, that created an online donation engine for nonprofits and worked with the National Philanthropic Trust to create Web based donor advised fund products. I worked there for several years as Director of Web Design before once again returning to the life of a freelancer. There were a lot of amazing projects – even designing the interface for a prototype tablet computer years before the advent of the iPad.

As the century turned a series of events began that lead to the greatest mistake in my life. My mother passed away. She died slowly of cancer and I held her hand as she left us. This experience affected me in ways I’m still coming to terms with. I took a job running a private photography studio for a talented fine art landscape photographer. I got to apply and develop my Photoshop skills as well as learning color workflow and digital printmaking. Then in fairly quick succession nine eleven happened and the economy tanked. A couple of years went by and I got sick and ended up having a triple bypass heart operation. My recovery from that and other conditions is still an ongoing thing. I settled into the photography studio job and something terrible happened. It became easy.

That was my biggest mistake. I had settled for easy. I stopped challenging myself. I stopped growing. I stayed there far too long. The years slipped by without me even noticing and it was slowly killing me.

So, in late summer 2013 I found myself very unhappy with what my life had become and I made the first positive move I’d made in years. I quit.

Now in my mid fifties I’m reinventing my life. I’m challenging myself and growing. I’ve created a business model, creating WordPress based Web solutions, that I’m excited about. It’s a business that uses both art and technology and will be constantly changing and challenging. I’ve taught myself the technology enough to that I’m teaching WordPress classes as well as Photoshop, HTML, CSS, and Web design. I’m excited to get up and get to work for the first time in years.

What I’m looking for now are individuals and businesses I can collaborate with over the long term to create Web based solutions to their unique problems. Are you that person? If so I’d like to sit down and discuss what your problems are and how together we can find solutions to grow your business.