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Real Solutions for YOUR Real Problems

At HiRES Graphics • Consulting we create long term partnerships. We work with you to define and understand your problems. Then we solve them.

A lot of people come to us saying, “We need a Website”.

No. No, you don’t.

No one “needs” a Website. You need your problems solved and solved effectively. You need more customers. You need to inform your current customers. You need to raise awareness about your cause or your product or your service. You need to train your staff to maintain your marketing efforts.

A Website is a key component of the solution but in itself, a Website isn’t going to solve your problems. Our experience and expertise enable us to work with you to clearly define what it is you really need to reach and surpass your goals. Then we create solutions that exceed your expectations.

You Need a Partner

Another thing we constantly hear is “we had a guy, but he never would never get back to us” or “we’re not sure what happened – he disappeared!”. Well, you’re not alone. This is how many conversations with our partners start. We say “partners” because that’s what we’re looking for. At HiRES Graphics we’re looking to build long term relationships. We want to help you grow and grow with you. We want to be working with you a year from now, and five years from now, and more. We want you to be looking back a decade from now and say to yourself “creating a relationship with HiRES Graphics was one of the best decisions I ever made”.

The Key is Collaboration

No one knows your business like you do. We need to understand it as well. We need to understand what you do, how you started, how you got to where you are, and most importantly where it is that you want to go. What are your goals? What are your dreams for yourself, your company, and your employees? Tell us where you want to be in the future and we’ll work with you to make sure you get there. You know your business. We know the pieces that you don’t – the marketing, the advertising, the design, the technology. Together we’ll create solutions that will enable you to focus on what you do best, run your business.

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Marketing Your Business

There’s world out there that needs to know about your business, your products, and your services. How much time can you allot to your marketing? You could spend hours every day. A better solition? None. You’re not a marketer. You can waste hundreds of hours a year that would be far more productively spent growing your business. A far better solution is to have HiREs Graphics • Consulting creating the answers you need. Having us do what we do will enable you focus on you do best – run your business.

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Sell Your Products and Services

Maybe you have an office or store. Even if you’re open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, half the time you’re closed. We’ll can set up ecommerce solutions to sell your products and services, handle the taxes, & arrange the shipping – the entire transaction from start to finish. We’ll work with you to create solutions that are always open and always generating money.

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Tell the World

Maybe you have a Website. Do you have traffic? Do you even know?! Our expertise in search engine optimization ensures you will be found! We’ll analyse and craft your site to deliver the highest search engine page ranking possible. There are tons of techniques to accomplish this and they’re constantly changing. We stay on top of the technology so you stay on top of the search results.

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Leverage Social Media

Sites like Facebook and Twitter keep your clients informed about new products and services, sales and specials and use the power of viral marketing to grow your client base. Isn’t it time that you tap into the real power of internet solutions to grow your business? HiRES Graphics • Consulting can show you how.

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Train for Success

Training customized for your needs enables you and your staff to be able to make changes and additions to your site. Want to run a sale? Offer a one day only special? Add a new product? No problem! HiRES Graphics has decades of experience training people from all walks of life to use and understand complex technologies. We not just make it possible we’ll make it easy for you to manage the content of your Website.

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Ongoing Maintenance

And we’ll continue to work with you, monitoring and managing the backend of your Website maintaining and updating the technology so your site runs smoothly and efficiently. Your site will be constantly backed up, and protected from spam, viruses, and malware. If a problem occurs HiRES Graphics • Consulting will be notified immediately, we’ll fix it, and you’ll be notified when the repairs are completed.

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Track Your Growth

Finally,  you’ll get monthly reports showing you breakdowns of your Website traffic. Quantifiable results so you can track your success. You’ll be able to monitor your growth and we’ll work with you to expand your User base and grow your business. No more guessing you’ll be able to see your online business grow each month!

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